Thursday, December 31, 2009

Seche Vite, The best nail Top Coat EVER!

Want your life back after polishing your nails? Check this stuff out.
Seche Vite's dry fast top coat. It dries your nails so fast that you can actually resume a normal life after polishing your nails :) Got mine at Ulta for about $10 minus $5 from a coupon I received. So actually I paid only $5. Worth Every Penny :)

Wore it here with my China Glaze nail polish in Vintage Crepe. I buy my China Glaze for half the price at

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Got Juice? Juicy Couture that is!

Hey..Guess what my sis got me for Christmas? How'd ya know?
Juicy Couture is so in my top 10 fragrances now.

Great gifts and Great finds

Now don't play like you never shopped for others before Christmas and ended up buying yourself stuff in the process. I went to my local outlet store...Did I mention I LOVE outlets? Anyways, I went shopping for gifts and saw this really THICK, COMFORTABLE, scarf by Nautica. It's a sand/cream color and it's absolutely perfect for this yucky weather.
While thumbing through this mess of a stocking rack I found two pieces that I love. I'm a big Tights person and these are so unique I just had to grab them for only $1 each. The first is a black tight with pink and blue dots and the other one has a gorgeous gold print that's sort of hard to describe :(
And lastly, I found the most amazing pair of slippers. They're by Totes Isotoner and I'm happy to have ran into these They are so comfy and I snagged them for only $5. These puppies are going for about $20 on their website Yeah boi!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

I have happy lips now!

Check out this quad I snatched from Sephora,. Can you believe it was the last one on the shelf :)
Thanks to my $15 off a $35 purchase I felt comfortable grabbing this one. It was $25 which isn't that much for Four colors but I'm a Thrifty person so it meant a lot to my sephora card came in handy. They sent me the $15 off coupon online and I was thrilled. I also get special deals as well, similar to how Ulta does their whole rewards point thing. Anyone can sign up at a sephora store. Maybe even on their website at

Check it out!