Sunday, November 8, 2009

Go Get A Blazer Man!

Hello. Okay, is it just me or is anyone else loving the blazer look. Personally, I've always loved blazers. The only downside with it's popularity now is that they're getting pricey, but don't freight! There are ALWAYS ways around breaking the bank.

First, there are a BILLION really nice blazers at thrift stores. I mean, seriously, I've seen everything from J Crew to Banana Republic and other really nice brands there. And the colors and textures (corduroy, satin, velvet). I mean, you name it, they have it.

A little dry cleaning and you've basically saved a ton of money and you probably have a better quality jacket.

I got this for really cheap at, of course, T.J Maxx for about $7. I literally wear it everywhere from church to seeing a movie. Blazers can go with ANY look.
Bye :) XOXO


  1. i was cracking up when i saw this post because right before i opened blogger, i was asking my grandma to take me to the thrift store tomorrow so i can get a couple blazers haha. i didn't even know they were in but i had a few fashion ideas, felt something was missing from my wardrobe.

  2. That's funny. Seriously, I went in there the other day and there were like a trillion blazers. We're thrifty chics :)