Thursday, November 11, 2010

Cats are never on time- HOLLOWEEN BANDIT


This post is super late. I actually was not planning on posting it but hey, why not?
My mom thought people would take this sign literally and skip the house. She's bananas!


BEAUTIFUL BABY NIECE Dirty from all the canny, as she says it :)My Neph reaping the fruits of my labor :)

My Beautiful Sis and her other monster. My baby!!

Guess What?!? I got Jacked on Holloween. Alright I'm naive but hey. So...I had to run an errand so I left my candy (REALLY GOOD CANDY) outside with a sign that read "Please take only FOUR". Well, I HAD NADA when I returned, but nonetheless I had mucho fun with my sis and her 3 little monsters.


Marley and Me

Black Ripped Jeans from T.J maxx. They are super cute and fit like a charm

LOVE me some BOB. Always will :)

There's a time to let God move and then there's a time to forcefully take all that he's promised you. Now knowing which one to do is the kicker.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Vintage shirt and really old jeans

Canvas shoes (UO)
Old leather jacket (~10yrs old) Wilsons
Black Maxi (4eva 21)
Brn wedge sandals (??)

I went home to Chicago for about a week and I enjoyed so many things but one thing I enjoyed the most was the FOOD

Here's just a few pics of what I enjoyed while vacationing there.

Turst, I ate a lot more but it either was eaten too quickly to take a pic or there were far too many people around which made me a little embarrassed. lol

(A pep/salami/turker/roast sub at PotBelly sandwich shop on State St)

(French toast, eggs, and sausage at a the hotel diner on Mich. Ave)

(My Fav: a Ham and Veggie Omelette at The Original House Of pancakes)

(Of course had to have a Chi-Town Dog)

(A Spectacular Turkey burger and fries from MoTown Resturant on Clark & Lake)

(Sweet & Sour shrimp from The Pecking House in Oak Park-Glo's fav)

My First Job: Oberweis Dairy. They have the Best Dairy products in the United States partly due to having their own Dairy Farm that delivers their products fresh and without a lot of chemicals.This was my favorite Sundae; The Turtle made with your choice of Ice Cream ( I always get Butter Brickle) and topped with hot fudge, caramel, pecans, whip cream, and a cherry. YUM!

Monday, August 9, 2010

Home Sweet Home

Hello everyone. I've been away for quite a while. I was super busy at work and then I went on vacation for 9 glorious days to my hometown: "Sweet home, Chicago" I had a load of fun. Here's a few pictures of me in my hotel and a couple of teasers too.
Me in my hotel room

At the field museum standing in front of SUE the T-Rex. It was amazing

A picture of a child mummy. A little creepy but really interesting

The main event in Chicago then. Lalapalooza. Yeah, Don't know why I picked this time to go back home. There was like a Billion people there. It was fun though to see all the funny tourists.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Chello! Happy 4th!

Hello peeps! This is what I wore on July 1st. Yeah, I know, a little late. My fam had a pot luck. Of course I went to Famous Daves to pick up what I was Hey, can't waste a beautiful day stuck in the kitchen.
My lovely sis making the main course. We kept it simple this year. Boy those burgers were good!

Outfit all from 4ever
earrings $5
maxi dress $18
sandals $8

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Memorial day Get-up

Pink Ruffled skirt=$15.00
Grey tank=$3.00
Designer shoes from outlet store = $15.00

The little pouch I have from eating loads of BBQ=Free :)

Monday, May 31, 2010

Salsa goes on loads of stuff!

Yeah this was good, but Salsa's not just for chips!!!

I Love Rick Bayless :)
He's my favorite Mexican Cook, although he's not even Mexican. hehe :)

I just adore his show which comes on Saturday mornings on ch 11. (Check your local listings for the times) Anywho... I love his authentic salsa and tried to concoct my own version.

The man literally has a full fledge garden in his own back yard so some ingredients I had to omit but it came out good nonetheless.

1.Tamitillos (green tomatoes) This is quite different from the typical red tomatoes but it produces a very great taste for salsa.
2. onion
3. on-the-vine red tomatoes
4. Jalapeno pepper (just a tad) Caliente!
5. Garlic
6. Cilantro
7. Lemon juice (MUCHO!)
8. Sea Salt

But Wait! You know I couldn't just eat chips and salsa all day.
Four tacos made with ground beef, moz cheese, avocado and of course MY Salsa! Muy bueno!

After a couple of days of mexican food you can get a little Cansada of it. hehe (That means tired people, Keep up:)
I made some wingllets and poured my left over salsa on them as marinade. Smart Aint I :)

Also added this stuff ::)))Bon A Petite !

It was DELISH!