Monday, September 13, 2010

I went home to Chicago for about a week and I enjoyed so many things but one thing I enjoyed the most was the FOOD

Here's just a few pics of what I enjoyed while vacationing there.

Turst, I ate a lot more but it either was eaten too quickly to take a pic or there were far too many people around which made me a little embarrassed. lol

(A pep/salami/turker/roast sub at PotBelly sandwich shop on State St)

(French toast, eggs, and sausage at a the hotel diner on Mich. Ave)

(My Fav: a Ham and Veggie Omelette at The Original House Of pancakes)

(Of course had to have a Chi-Town Dog)

(A Spectacular Turkey burger and fries from MoTown Resturant on Clark & Lake)

(Sweet & Sour shrimp from The Pecking House in Oak Park-Glo's fav)

My First Job: Oberweis Dairy. They have the Best Dairy products in the United States partly due to having their own Dairy Farm that delivers their products fresh and without a lot of chemicals.This was my favorite Sundae; The Turtle made with your choice of Ice Cream ( I always get Butter Brickle) and topped with hot fudge, caramel, pecans, whip cream, and a cherry. YUM!

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