Monday, July 12, 2010

Chello! Happy 4th!

Hello peeps! This is what I wore on July 1st. Yeah, I know, a little late. My fam had a pot luck. Of course I went to Famous Daves to pick up what I was Hey, can't waste a beautiful day stuck in the kitchen.
My lovely sis making the main course. We kept it simple this year. Boy those burgers were good!

Outfit all from 4ever
earrings $5
maxi dress $18
sandals $8


  1. Funky polish job - love the sandals. Cute blog!

    Come check out mine and my current headband giveaway :-)

  2. Hey your toes look cute:)!Is that strange to say?

  3. Yea, we need to have a barbecue! All of this sunshine and I still haven't got around to one, this grill is way too rusty!

  4. We are figuring it out now, more determined to have barbecue, how did barbecuing become so contagious, it's like if one person sees another person having one, then they have to have one better! My neighbors always lit their grill up only when we did, it always turned into a cook off!

  5. You've just reminded me I'm in need of some more coloured and printed items. Nice look <3