Monday, May 31, 2010

Salsa goes on loads of stuff!

Yeah this was good, but Salsa's not just for chips!!!

I Love Rick Bayless :)
He's my favorite Mexican Cook, although he's not even Mexican. hehe :)

I just adore his show which comes on Saturday mornings on ch 11. (Check your local listings for the times) Anywho... I love his authentic salsa and tried to concoct my own version.

The man literally has a full fledge garden in his own back yard so some ingredients I had to omit but it came out good nonetheless.

1.Tamitillos (green tomatoes) This is quite different from the typical red tomatoes but it produces a very great taste for salsa.
2. onion
3. on-the-vine red tomatoes
4. Jalapeno pepper (just a tad) Caliente!
5. Garlic
6. Cilantro
7. Lemon juice (MUCHO!)
8. Sea Salt

But Wait! You know I couldn't just eat chips and salsa all day.
Four tacos made with ground beef, moz cheese, avocado and of course MY Salsa! Muy bueno!

After a couple of days of mexican food you can get a little Cansada of it. hehe (That means tired people, Keep up:)
I made some wingllets and poured my left over salsa on them as marinade. Smart Aint I :)

Also added this stuff ::)))Bon A Petite !

It was DELISH!