Saturday, December 26, 2009

Great gifts and Great finds

Now don't play like you never shopped for others before Christmas and ended up buying yourself stuff in the process. I went to my local outlet store...Did I mention I LOVE outlets? Anyways, I went shopping for gifts and saw this really THICK, COMFORTABLE, scarf by Nautica. It's a sand/cream color and it's absolutely perfect for this yucky weather.
While thumbing through this mess of a stocking rack I found two pieces that I love. I'm a big Tights person and these are so unique I just had to grab them for only $1 each. The first is a black tight with pink and blue dots and the other one has a gorgeous gold print that's sort of hard to describe :(
And lastly, I found the most amazing pair of slippers. They're by Totes Isotoner and I'm happy to have ran into these They are so comfy and I snagged them for only $5. These puppies are going for about $20 on their website Yeah boi!

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  1. I didn't get a chance to shop this year, but yes, I have done that before.