Saturday, January 9, 2010

Wow, my hair has grown!

I'm so loving my natural hair journey. I flat ironed my hair this morning (something I haven't done in a longggg time) I was so surprised to see how it's grown! :)

Don't loose faith naturals.


  1. You hair looks amazing! I think I'm going to have to go the natural route. After 24 year of Chemical free hair and just 2 years to damage the hell out of it, I've decided I don't want anymore perms. They all burn and my hair just breaks. Plus, seeing posts like yours are beyond inspirational. Thank you for sharing a part of your journey.

  2. I'm so glad for you. Yeah, my hair has grown more in 2 years than my 10 years of having a relaxer. It's amazing and I'm never going back. I was scared at first but It wasn't bad. let me know how it turns out :)