Sunday, February 7, 2010

Bon A petite!

Learning how to cook has been sort of a bitter-sweet thing for me.
In between eating potato omelets and greens and cornbread with lemon herb roasted chicken has been quickly converting to back and belly fat :(

Don't fret, I'm getting it under control.

Instead of a late dinner I settled for something to tie me over til breakfast;
A small plate of cottage cheese and pineapples. Not super healthy but compared to eating dinner at 9:00pm, a lot better.

I Had the most amazing breakfast this
I've been sick so I watched this morning's service via the web :)

Potatoes are hearty but they pack loads of carbs. Instead of the omelet, I made two pancakes; one with sliced bananas and one with fresh blueberrys. They were AMAZING.

I skipped my Dunkin Donuts coffee and had apple spice tea sweetened with organic honey and lemon. Fantastico!

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  1. girl, you've been eating good. yum.